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Santa Stories

"My my" said Mrs Claus "only days 'till Christmas." Where did I put that red suit? Well that was enough to start a panic, "no suit for Santa" said Aluwishes. Aluwishes is the chief Elf and is very much organized he has a place for everything and has everything in its place. I'm sorry said Mrs Claus I was sure I put it here, looking into an empty wooden chest, this was a very special chest where all the really important things were kept and now it was empty. "What will we do" she said, "what will we do."

Outside it was starting to snow, not heavy snow just a small sprinkle and the reindeer were getting very excited, they love the snow and they know that Christmas is close when the snow comes. Across the yard they could see smoke coming from the chimney. This is a very large chimney almost touching the sky like a tunnel to the clouds. When you see the smoke coming from this chimney you know that the Elves are hard at work preparing all the toys for Santa's sack.

Aluwishes was still frantically searching for Santa's suit while Mrs. Claus was much calmer, "let’s have a cup of tea" she said, "let's have a cup of tea."

At the factory where the big chimney is, Alawashes (not to be confused with Alawishes) was organizing the wrapping paper for the presents and the printing of the gift cards. This is a huge job trying to get all the right names on the right presents in the right wrapping paper. Alawishes and Alawashes are cousins and have been helping Santa so long that nobody knows how long it has been, even Santa who knows everything can't remember when it all began. There are about two zillion Elves there helping Alawashes to make the toys. They make everything from dolls to IPods and trains to computer games, the Elves are really clever and they never get tired or complain.

Now, Aluwishes being the chief Elf, had joined Mrs. Claus for tea though he couldn't relax, he was worried, the most important thing in the whole wide world was missing and he paced up and down muttering to himself, where's the red suit I wonder where the red suit is and kept on muttering until Mrs Claus said "sit down and drink your tea, you’ll wear a hole in the floor"

The snow was falling heavier now and the reindeer were running and jumping with excitement. Alaweshes (not to be confused with Alawashes and Alawishes) and is another of their cousins was making some final adjustment to the sleigh. Preparing the sleigh was his job he had to look after the sleigh and the reindeer. "This is a very important job" he said turning to one of the reindeer I will need you to take the sleigh for a test run to be sure it is perfect. "Certainly" said the reindeer, "I will get Vixen, Dancer, Rudolf, and myself Prancer to test the sleigh now," and off he went to get them.

Meanwhile Aluwishes still drinking tea with Mrs. Claus was still muttering and pacing the floor, walking around the table, stopping, walking around the table again, stopping again, sipping some tea, muttering again and walking around the table again."Where is the red suit" he said. Mrs. Claus remained calm and assured him "not to worry" she said "someone must know where it is"

Outside you could hear the sleigh bells, they sound just like the song, jingle bells-jingle bells-jingle jingle all the way. Prancer was ready with Vixen, Dancer and Rudolf about to try a test drive with Aluweshes. "Off you go now" he said to the reindeer and not too fast, just a slow test run and you know I get scared when we go to fast." "Up up and away" he said and up they went, higher and higher, around and around, they even done a loop de loop. Alaweshes was happy when they landed and happy to see everything working so well.

In the factory Alawashes was very confused; this was very strange as he never got confused. He always knew what had to be done, when it had to done and who it was for. When it came to presents he was the king, he always got it right and to him it was always easy. "Who's present is this" he said to himself "it has different wrapping paper to all the others", it was wrapped so well he didn't want to unwrap it, he never ever had to unwrap a present, he always knew who it was for. "I wonder" he thought to himself.

Aluwishes had now drunk so much tea he could barely move but all that tea and all the pacing and stopping and muttering and pacing again gave him an idea. "I will organise a search party" he said to Mrs. Claus who at this stage was falling asleep in the chair dizzy from watching Aluwishes going around in circles. "Good Idea" she said through a big loud yawn "good idea" "let's call Alafindit" so they did.

Now Alafindit is not another cousin, actually she is not related at all and she does not work there with the other Elves. She is famous all over the North Pole for finding things people have lost. A lot of things get lost in the North Pole especially when it snows. Santa once lost his sleigh because he left it outside and it got buried with snow. Santa had to call Alafindit to look for it for him, of course she found it very quickly and everything was OK but ever since then Alaweshes took charge of the sleigh and it never gets lost now.

Alaweshes went with the reindeer to get Alafindit. Rudolf knew the way. Alafindit lived in a secret place that and only a few people knew about. It is a beautiful wooden house in a forest that blended in with the trees and snow so it was hard to see even when you were beside it. It is not an ordinary house; actually it is an extraordinary house. It is a large hollowed out tree with an arched door and round windows and a garden full of beautiful coloured flowers with a little wooden fence around it. Alaweshes told Alafindit about the lost suit and they set off on the sleigh back to Santa's house.

Meanwhile back at the factory the parcels were being loaded into Santa's sacks, and lists being checked to see who were naughty or nice. Outside it was snowing really heavy now and Santa was getting ready to start his journey to deliver all the presents to the boys and girls. Mrs. Claus was making a plum pudding for Santa, it's his favourite before he goes on his rounds and the sleigh was just arriving back with Alaweshes and Alafindit to start the search for the suit.

Mrs. Claus called them all together and they came and sat in her kitchen. Alaweshes, Alawashes, Alafindit and Mrs. Claus sat together at the table eating their plum pudding and drinking hot chocolate when Alawishes murmured in a low voice "should we tell him now"."Tell me what" said Santa "well" said Mrs. Claus "we have a problem, we can't find your red suit" Santa chuckled "Ho Ho Ho" with his belly quivering like a big plate of jelly, "So that's why you brought Alafindit here, Ho Ho Ho" Santa paused for second and then piped "I sent it to the dry cleaners, it should be back by now". He chuckled again "That's it" Alawashes shouted "that's it". "What's it" said Santa. "The parcel I couldn't label or identify" said Alawashes continuining to shout "that's it, its Santa's red suit". "The mystery is solved" said Mrs Claus calmly as always. Alawashes sighed and said "I always knew it would turn up", as if he was never worried. Everybody laughed and laughed and then set about finishing their preparations. Everyone had a Merry Christmas and Santa looked great in his shiny red suit.

Author: Michael Baker
November 1st 2009

Merry Christmas one ane all

I'll soon be on my way
with ruldolf and the sleigh
loaded down with presents
to deliver in one day.
I love it when it's Christmas
I love to ride my sleigh
It's great to go to everyone
with things to give away.
If you need to call me
it's not that hard to do
Log on to Santa's web site
and see what I can do.

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