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To My Special Friend (type NAME here)

I see it's near to Christmas Eve, the night when I visit all the children.  The elves have been working so hard, getting all the toys made and ready for Christmas. I saw your name on one too. We're all looking forward to Christmas and hope you're excited too!

Rudolph, Prancer Vixen and Dancer and all the reindeer are preparing for their yearly trip. They love to pull my sleigh and love when you leave them some carrots or biscuits.

(type NAME here) I see from my list that you've been a very good (type GENDER here) this year, that is great news.  I also believe that you have been good at home that’s more great news.

 Soon it will Christmas Eve and I'll be visiting your house. It’s a long way from the North Pole, so I will have to start early and I have lots of children to visit and a lot of presents to deliver, Make sure you are in bed early so I won’t have to wait until you’re asleep. Well done (type NAME here) you were such a good (type GENDER here) this year and listened to your Mommy and Daddy. 

Until Christmas Eve,

Goodbye for now, Santa.
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