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Hi Mike, Myself, Ray and Alex were absolutely thrilled with our santa call, it put us all in the mood for christmas, look forward to your call next year! Thanks, Ciara.
14/Dec/2012 Ciara
Ya I no so sorry bout that the computer just froze for some reason typical haha omg it was fantastic thank u so much her face just lit up she was amazed and thrilled..she couldn't believe how much u knew with her teachers name and everything and u got it spot on about when she's asked to do something and picking up after herself on a normal day I'd have to ask her 50 times before she would do it after ur call anything I said she jumped too it straight was soo worth it just to see the smile on her face and thank you u did an EXCELLENT impression she is normally so shy but u were well able to get the chat out of is a fantastic service and I will be spreading the word  Thank you again Sharon
13/Nov/2012 sharon
Excellent Mike thanks .We were all very pleased .You were very realistic ,you nearly made me believe!!!Certainly u can use my feedback no problem .A Happy Christmas to u and yours , Regards Sandra
10/Dec/2012 Sandra
Hi , sorry I only seen your emails now they had gone into junk mail. Sorry I never got to reply with more information. Taragh was delighted thanks very much she was so happy after talking to you . We will recommend you to friends .  Everything was perfect, Niamh was so impressed and a lot shocked. She is gone off to school happy to day. I like the way you did your own research and asked all the right questions. Thanks so much for making her christmas. Merry christmas and thanks for a job very well done. Kindest regards, Helen Mc Mahon
12/Nov/2012 Helen Mc Mahon
My daughter who's 9 had a video call ths evening from Santa Mike and I must say it was amazing. Even myself and her dad were amazed at how much information Santa mentioned. She was speechless and it was amazing I will be surely booking it for her little brother when he's old enough :). Excellent service and was much better then we expected. Thanks very much.
Mike, thank you very much. Great work! The kids were absolutely thrilled. 
It was absolutely amazing!! They stayed up until 10pm talking about how they saw Santa on Mammys laptop ANDthey are on the nice list AND Santa will bring toys to Santas house and and and and …….
I found it brilliant and would love to do it again nest year when they are that little bit older and have more understanding. Santa was amazing I am really impressed J You could even understand them which noone can
HI Mike, What a wonderful experience.  Jonathan was absolutely thrilled.  All the information given was expertly used and Jonathan was amazed at this.  He wanted to ask you what presents were wrapped up for him but in the excitement and amazement of it all he totally forgot.  Thanks again for the call.  It really made Jonathan's day and he is really, really looking forward to Christmas.
14/Nov/2012 Customer
Oh my goodness, it was amazing. The way Santi knew all about my sons and the way he was talking, I'm seriously thinking of giving up Xmas shopping and just sit back and wait for Santa to come through our chimney and deliver wishes from our letters ;) great idea guys, will definitely book the same spot again for next year Thank you so much
05/Nov/2012 Happy mammy of Adam and Luke ;)
Hi Mike The call was great, they were on their best behavior for a while at least last night. It was particularly good for Oran who is beginning to question if Santa is real. The only thing I would mention is that the school friends were not too impressed when Ellen & Aoife relayed the message that they should be better behaved or they might end up on the naughty list! Funnily enough, one of those friends should actually be on the naughty list! Happy Christmas & talk to you again next year.
12/Dec/2012 Joan 
Hi Mike, I usually don't give feedback much but Anna enjoyed talking to "the real, real Santa" so much that I had to tell you how much she enjoyed it. I think she was really gobsmacked that she thought it was really Santa and that he had contacted her and knew so much about her. I hadn't booked going to see Santa anywhere this year but even if we don't go to see him anywhere, I feel this will more than suffice and it's probably what I will do again next year. Anna gave me the biggest hug after talking to you and phoned Nanny straight away to tell her all about it. If I had any criticism to give, (sorry!) maybe the background could be made to look more like Lapland or Santa's workshop with the elves working away or an elf to come in during the conversation with the children for a quick appearance. I think it would definetly be the icing on the cake. It was definetly worth the money (got it on a voucher deal!) and better than queuing up any day and spending loads more money going to see Santa elsewhere. I have recommended booking it to a few friends with children after seeing Anna's reaction to it. Great idea, thanks for the few minutes of magic Saturday morning! Una Langan
19/Dec/2012 Una Langan
HI Mike Thank you for your help, i actually went on to your website this morning to see could i write up a testimonal but i wasnt able, thank you so much for your call last night, cara was amazed by all you knew about her especially about her losing her tooth and the tooth fairy finding it, my mother and grandmother were also in the room when you called and caras older sister rachel, they all though it was brilliant especially when you said rachel was on the naughty list. I will definately be recommending your website to all my friends, thank you so much and hope you have a wonderful xmas. Laura
23/Dec/2012 Laura
There is great excitement here after our video call, it more than lived up to expectations! THANK YOU for making life that much more EXCITINGl and fun for my children, its ideas like this that puts the  Joy and excitement back into christmas and into parents hearts. I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone Regards  Tracy and Shane Brogan
21/Dec/2012 Tracy and Shane
Hiya, My son was gobsmacked and went sooo quiet, he cant believe santa called him!! This was very good, all extra info was used and made it special and personal. Would definitely recommend to anyone and will use again. Thank you from us in Ireland, Co Wicklow.
24/Dec/2012 IE
Hi Mike, The call was absolutely fantastic. My son Aaron is still on a high. He could not believe Santa knew so much about him. I recorded some it & so far the response from family & friends has been brilliant.  Its a fantastic Idea & was even better than I thought it would be. He was taken in by everything you said & it still on a high because the "Real" santa contacted him!
Hi Santa thank you so much for calling us on Skype last nite, Josh and myself were delighted to talk to you, sorry Caelan our cousin was shy. we can't believe it that you are 480 years old, wow that's old :-) say hello to Mrs Claus, rudolph and all the reindeers. how are the elves getting on with the christmas lists ? i hope we wont' be on the naughty list, as we are trying to be good. thanks again Santa, wrap up well as i'm sure its cold in the North pole lots of love Chloe & Josh Enright and Caelan Jones
28/Nov/2012 Chloe & Josh Enright and Caelan Jones
Mike Just to say that we thought the call was fantastic.. You were excellent as Santa and the call seemed so natural and not at all staged.. You incorporated all the information so well.. I would highly recommend the call to all my friends... Thanks so much Louise  Louise Callanan
26/Nov/2012 Louise Callanan
Your call was a great success thank you, even our baldie grandad was impressed. The fact that the connection was bad made things even more believable.  The two ladies were delighted with it and they were telling everyone that santa skyped them the night before. Thank you once again. Merry Christmas, from all in Fermoy.
22/Dec/2012 Jacqui Creed IE
Mike Just to say that we thought the call was fantastic.. You were excellent as Santa and the call seemed so natural and not at all staged.. You incorporated all the information so well.. I would highly recommend the call to all my friends... Thanks so much Louise 
27/Nov/2012 Louise
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